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5 Best Luxury Lodging in Hocking Hills

    Whether it’s a family getaway or romantic escape, there’s nothing better than leaving your day-to-day life and relax yourself in the wonderful natural beauty of Hocking hills. We welcome you to the 5 Best Luxury Lodging in Hocking Hills, visit these to discover the Hocking Hills, a region known for its flowing rivers, lakes, states parks, natural beauty, and more. At the Bourbon Ridge Retreat, you can experience the true luxury of our secluded cabins and lodges.

    Apart from the luxury accommodations, we have also built things that are exclusive & unique to Bourbon Ridge retreat. We have built an 82 foot suspension bridge that spans over one of the signature ravines of Hocking hills. Tucked among one of the property’s many pine-tree groves, the hammock garden serves as a getaway within a getaway. Escape the rest of the family to read a book. Relax in the shady peace and quiet. Take a nap or bask in the seasonal magnificence of the native perennials and take in the silence and fresh nature smells that surround you. If you like to observe the animals in their habitat, our observation blinds are just the perfect place for you.Each seats two and is enclosed and equipped with windows for unmatched perspectives of the region’s native coyote, fox, hawk, mink, squirrel, whitetail deer and wild boar population. Our guests also have the uncommon option to spend the night in a 20-foot tall, 300-square-foot tipi.

    Two Best Luxury Cabins in Hocking Hills

    Bookers Cabin Hocking Hills

    Bookers - Romantic Cabin in Hocking Hills

    • Sleeps 4
    • 1 Bedroom
    • Custom Built Shower
    • Gas Grill
    • In-ground Spa
    • Private Dock
    • Theater Room
    The Bookers luxury cabin at Bourbon Ridge Retreat is one of the premier cabin in Hocking Hills. Whether you are looking for a cabin for rent in Hocking hills, secluded, romantic getaway, the perfect place to escape with your family for a long weekend or a low-key summer vacation, there is nowhere in the Hocking […]
    Bookers cabin

    Woodford - Secluded Cabin for 2 in Hocking Hills

    • Sleeps 4
    • 1 Bedroom
    • Custom Built Shower
    • Gas Grill
    • In-ground Spa
    • Private Dock
    • Theater Room
    If you are looking for a secluded cabin for 2 in hocking hills, for a romantic getaway or the perfect place to escape with your family for a long weekend or low-key family vacation, there’s nowhere in the Hocking Hills luxury cabins market like the Woodford Cabin at Bourbon Ridge Retreat. So much more than […]
    Woodford cabin

    Three Best Luxury Lodges in Hocking Hills

    Ridgewater Private Lodge Hocking hills

    Ridgewater - Lodge With Private Pond in Hocking Hills

    • Sleeps 12
    • 3 Baths
    • 3 Bedrooms
    • Outdoor Jacuzzi
    • Private Pond
    • Salt Water Pool
    Only a short 10 minute drive from Bourbon Ridge Retreat, nestled in over 60 private acres in The Hocking Hills: we welcome you to experience Bourbon Ridge Retreat’s sister property – The Ridgewater lodge. Enjoy pure privacy with your group of up to 12 family and friends. From the moment you walk in, you will […]
    Ridgewater lodge

    Angel's Envy - Luxury Lodge in Hocking Hills

    • Sleeps 24
    • 16 Persons Hot Tub
    • 6.5 Baths
    • 8 Bedrooms
    • Indoor Outdoor Pool
    • Stone Seated Firepit
    • Theater Room
    Head away for a holiday like no other at Angel’s Envy Lodge. The newly built and most recent addition to Bourbon Ridge Retreat’s plethora of luxurious lodges, Angels Envy is yet another absurdly luxurious country retreat nestled in the heart of Hocking Hills’ lush countryside. Fusing rustic charm with modern amenities, Angels Envy is a […]
    Angel's Envy lodge

    Maker's - Lodge for Large Family

    • Sleeps 24
    • 4.5 Baths
    • 7 Bedrooms
    • Fire Brick Oven
    • Game Room
    • In-ground Pool
    • Theater Room
    Lavishly appointed luxury lodge in hocking hills, recently redecorated and incomparably comfortable, The Makers Lodge is a two-storey, 5,800-square-foot, 7 bedrooms country estate outfitted with everything from a full-service, fully equipped kitchen, two bar areas and a two-storey fireplace, to the latest in modern conveniences and, cutting-edge entertainment and comfort. It even has its own […]
    Maker's lodge